Climate Adaptation Plan Community Workshops

The draft Climate Adaptation Plan (CAP) was released in November 2020 at a CAP public workshop and was later presented to our community and Town Council at our December 15, 2020 Council Meeting (view meeting video here). 

This draft document is the culmination of a two-year planning effort that was initiated in December 2018 that involved: four public workshops, two public surveys, several updates at our Town’s Flood Control Board meetings, and over twenty outreach notifications in the Town’s newsletter, annual Flood Newsletter mailer, Nextdoor posts, Facebook posts, email blasts and frequent project webpage updates (

The Climate Adaptation Plan is designed to establish a framework to inform Town decisions relating to how our community adapts to climate change. This CAP document is intended to act as a “living” document that can be updated over time as we gain new information or as conditions change.

Each “project” identified in the plan is essentially an idea that has been analyzed by scientists and engineers at a “planning level,” to evaluate feasibility, costs and benefits, such as; how it would protect the town, how long that protection might last, how much it would likely cost and whether each project is likely to be permitted by environmental regulatory agencies. This analysis will assist with informing next steps and priorities.

In a continued effort to outreach, educate and engage our community on the working draft of the Town’s proposed Climate Adaptation Plan, we invited the community to attend and participate in two Climate Adaptation Plan Workshops which were held via videoconference through Zoom on the dates and times noted below: 

Town Staff encouraged thoughtful feedback and communications during the CAP workshops, where the bulk of those events were dedicated to Q&A. To watch the video recordings of these two workshops, you can click on the embeded videos below. For questions about these workshops, you may call Town Hall at (415)927-5050. 

In response to the Climate Adaptation Workshops, the Town Manager provided a message that was shared with the entire community. You can read the Town Manager's message by clicking here

Climate Adaptation Plan Workshop: Shoreline Concepts/ Flood Preparedness

Climate Adaptation Plan Workshop: Power Lines and Wildfire