Casa Buena Complete Streets Project

This project will be delivered in two phases:
Phase 1 - The first phase of work is currently in the design phase. This phase will be to review and repair portions of the existing Sanitary District No. 2 sewer system along Casa Buena Dr. After this underground work has been completed, the surface improvements of phase two may begin. 

Phase 2 – The second phase of Casa Buena Complete Streets project is mostly designed. This proposed project fills a crucial gap in Marin County's primary North/South bike route, connecting the Horse Hill Class I Path (Mill Valley) to existing Class II Bike Lanes on Casa Buena Boulevard. The existing bike facility is a shared roadway with minimal roadway shoulders. Frequently, families with small children and infants are observed walking this corridor adjacent to vehicular traffic. The majority of the corridor lacks sidewalks, and the entirety of the corridor is without bicycle facilities. The dedicated sidewalks will provide a severely needed new sidewalk for these users and a new Class II Bicycle Lane will be constructed on the southbound/uphill side. Shared Lane Markings (a new Class III path with sharrows) will be striped in the northbound direction. 

Project Type(s): Roadway, Bicycle, Pedestrian, Traffic 

Estimated Cost of Construction:

  • Phase 1= TBD 
  • Phase 2= $2.7M 
  • Grant Funding: $416,000 Transportation for Clean Air Act (TFCA)

 For more information, contact Fernanda Stefanick at or 415-927-5792

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Project Area Map

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Regional Context