SD2 Master Plan & Rate Study


The purpose of a Sanitary Sewer Master Plan (SMP) is to provide analysis, and recommendations to ensure the collection system remains functional and reliable for the foreseeable future. This involves field investigation, data collection and system condition assessment to identify and prioritize actions and investments in the capital improvement and maintenance activities. 

The main objectives of this initiative are to identify, and repair aged or deficient sanitary sewer infrastructure in a systematic, responsible and cost-efficient manner, and to reduce stormwater inflow and infiltration (I&I) and sanitary sewer “spills” to protect public health. Upon completion, a comprehensive sanitary sewer master plan will meet regulatory mandates and maintain compliance with state laws that require development and implementation of a SMP under the State Water Resources Control Board Waste Discharge Permit. A master plan provides technical guidance to both the Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and the Sanitary Sewer Operation and Maintenance Program (O&M). A well-drafted SMP also incorporates equity factors into the prioritization plan, applies a risk-based analytical approach while mitigating I&I issues effectively and efficiently. 

Wastewater collection systems have come under increasing regulatory and public scrutiny due to the existence of spills and I&I blending events at the treatment plant. Sanitary District No. 2 (SD2) recognizes that capital investment in infrastructure rehabilitation is critical to reducing spills and providing for reliable service in the future. Therefore, it is important that SD2 have an accurate assessment of both its collection system capital needs, as well as the appropriate level of inspection and maintenance of the system to minimize spills to the greatest extent possible and ensure a high level of service to its existing and future customers. The Sewer Master Plan is designed to inform decision makers on the current state of SD2’s infrastructure and to establish implementation priorities and funding needs for the next decade to come. 

On October 17, 2023, District Staff presented the draft Sanitary Master Plan to the District's Board Members; see links below:

*To view the draft Sewer Master Plan staff report, please click here.    

*To view the video recording of Master Plan presentation, please click here.  

Background on Annual Rates:

As part of the SMP contract, a rate study analysis was included to forecast SD2’s capital improvement budget needs over a 10-year horizon and to develop some possible funding options, which include the potential for rate increases and potentially a revenue bond. The last annual sewer service unit charge, Ordinance No. 43, was adopted back on June 1, 2010 at $498 per year, for a typical single family residence. As part of the initial rate study efforts, Raftelis, our rate study subconsultant, used credible inflation data and regional construction cost index data to extrapolate that the $498 annual sewer service unit charge from 2010 would be equivalent to $749 at the end of 2023 (see below).

SD2_CIP Graph


This Draft Sewer Master Plan represents a significant milestone in the overall SMP process. It represents a comprehensive draft document that compiles 30 months’ worth of engineering and technical review in Sanitary District No. 2’s infrastructure and presents a framework to achieve SD2’s goals to identify and repair aged or deficient sanitary sewer infrastructure in a systematic, responsible and cost-efficient manner, and to reduce stormwater inflow and infiltration (I&I) and sanitary sewer “spills” to protect public health.

However, the SMP process is not yet complete as we hope to engage our ratepayers and the SD2 Board to refine the document and to solidify a CIP and financial plan, which will continue over the next several months. 

***The full Draft Master Plan report can be viewed by clicking   here.

If you have further questions regarding this work, please contact Fernanda Stefanick at (415) 927-5792 or

February 6, 2024 SD2 Special Meeting (Public Workshop)

On February 6, 2024, the SD2 Board hosted a public workshop that was held in person and via Zoom, where staff gave a presentation on the (1) Sanitary District’s needed capital improvements; (2) the costs of the needed capital improvements; and (3) the rate study analysis to raise annual sewer services charges to fund necessary improvements. 

To view the presentation from the public workshop, please click here

To watch the recording of this meeting, please click on the embedded video below or click here to watch the recording from the Town's YouTube page.