Administrative Citation Forms

Request for Hearing Form - The Request for Hearing form can be downloaded here. After requesting a hearing you will receive a written notice of the date and time set for your hearing. Failure to properly file a Request for Hearing within thirty (30) days from the date the Citation was issued shall constitute a waiver of the right to an administrative hearing and render the Citation a final action of the Town for which there is no further administrative or judicial review. Likewise, failure to appear at a scheduled hearing may result in a forfeiture of the advance deposit of your fine and will constitute a failure to exhaust your administrative remedies. The decision of the hearing officer or appeals board is final, subject to an appeal to the Marin County Superior Court under Government Code Section 53069.4.

Advance Deposit Hardship Waiver FormYou can download the advance deposit hardship form by clicking here. If you intend to request a hearing to contest the Administrative Citation, and you contend that you are financially unable to make the advance deposit of the fine as required, you may file a request for Advance Deposit Hardship Waiver. The Request for Advance Deposit Hardship Waiver form may be obtained at or by request at 415-927-5050. The Request for Advance Deposit Hardship Waiver form, together with supporting documentation demonstrating financial inability to deposit the full amount of the fine, must be filed with the Request for Hearing. Unless the waiver is granted, you will be required to make the advance deposit as a condition to obtaining a hearing.