Housing Element Update 2023-2031

Every eight years, the Town is required to update its housing policies and plans to accommodate housing needs and address barriers to housing production.   

On June 20, 2023, the Corte Madera Town Council adopted Resolution No. 34/2023 repealing the 2015 – 2023 Corte Madera Housing Element and adopting the 2023 – 2031 Corte Madera Housing Element Update.  The Housing Element Update is intended to be an opportunity, every eight years, for all California communities to have a dialogue about local and regional housing issues and to find solutions at the local level to address these housing issues. The adopted Housing Element addresses a range of housing issues including affordability, housing diversity, density and location, and establishes goals, policies and programs for existing and projected housing needs.

The Town would like to thank everyone who engaged in the process and provided comments on the Housing Element Update.

To cap the Housing Element engagement process, members of the community were encouraged to participate in recorded interviews to highlight their personal housing experiences and concerns about housing in the Bay Area, and specifically Corte Madera. A total of 17 individuals participated in the video project. Excerpts from the various speakers were compiled into a video that represents community members’ thoughts at a moment in time. The goal of the video was to spark a conversation amongst the community about housing needs and concerns. We encourage you to watch the video by clicking on embedded video below. Read more about the Housing Element 2023-2031 at  www.cortemaderahousing.org