The Town's Climate Actions

Climate Action Plan

In December 2020, the Town of Corte Madera updated its Climate Action Plan (CAP), which outlines strategies to reduce communitywide greenhouse gas emissions. The CAP aims to reduce emissions 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030 and 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050, in line with the State of California’s goals. The Town’s Climate Action Committee advises the Town Council on implementation of the CAP.

For an overview of Corte Madera’s CAP, see the linked video or slides below from consultant Christine O’Rourke, who prepared the CAP.

Learn more about the Town's progress in implementing the CAP in the CAP Implementation Status as of March 2023 document and view the Town's current climate action priorities in the 2023-2024 Climate Action Work Plan.

Green Buildings

Natural gas use in buildings is responsible for 19 percent of Corte Madera’s greenhouse gas emissions, making building electrification an important strategy to reduce emissions. Electrification can also improve community health by reducing the use of natural gas, which contributes to poor indoor air quality and has been linked to an increase in respiratory conditions such as asthma.

Reach Codes
Jurisdictions across Marin County are taking local action to reduce natural gas use in buildings through policies known as reach codes. Corte Madera recently adopted an all-electric ordinance for new construction and is considering additional reach codes that would apply to remodels and additions. See the resources below for more information.

Greening Town Facilities

Green Transportation

Increasing Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Opportunities

  • The Town has adopted additional electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure requirements for new construction to facilitate the adoption of EVs. Learn more on the Green Building Codes and Resources page.
  • Staff, as well as the Town's Climate Action Committee, is evaluating locations to install more public EV charging stations as part of the 2023-2024 Climate Action Work Plan.

Greening Town Mobility

Marin Climate and Energy Partnership (MCEP)

The Town participates in the Marin Climate and Energy Partnership (MCEP), a partnership of all Marin cities and towns, the County of Marin, and the public agencies that serve Marin: MCE Clean Energy, Marin Water, and the Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM). MCEP members collaborate on initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as green building codes and electric vehicle charging infrastructure plans. Visit MCEP’s website to learn more about regional efforts, other jurisdiction’s Climate Action Plans, and to track countywide progress on sustainability metrics.

MCEP Marin Sustainability Tracker Map Opens in new windowMCEP’s Marin Sustainability Tracker map allows monitoring progress on GHG reductions, energy, transportation, waste, and water.