Mission Statement
The Corte Madera Fire Department is dedicated to the protection of life, property, and the environment from the effects of fire, medical emergencies, and hazardous conditions.

Vision Statement
The vision of the Corte Madera Fire Department is to be a recognized leader in the fire service, respected by town citizens for anticipating and responding to ever-changing needs. The department will embrace new technologies and techniques, focusing on training and education to provide the highest level of customer services and satisfaction in a professional and caring manner.
Fire Department Patch
Value Statement
The members of the Corte Madera Fire Department are dedicated to operating a professional, ethical, service-minded organization through these values:
  • We value honesty and integrity in all matters, leading to the highest level of trustworthiness
  • We value respect for each person as an individual, recognizing the worth of our subordinates, peers, supervisors and customers
  • We value teamwork, as each person's capabilities enhance our performance as a whole
  • We value responsibility, taking ownership of our actions and committing to our assigned objectives
  • We value professional pride, adhering to a strong code of moral and ethical conduct
  • We value compassion, fostering a genuine concern for those we serve
  • We value safety, ensuring our own health as well as the safety of our team and those we serve
  • We value diversity of the people in our department and our community
  • We value training and education as the foundation of superior service
  • We value commitment, working through any adversity to meet the community's needs
AM Radio Station
The Town of Corte Madera operates an informational radio station, which broadcasts advisories to listeners on the standard AM radio band. The station broadcasts on 1330 AM on the radio dial. It is used primarily for the broadcast of repetitive messages regarding traffic, severe weather conditions (winter storms or red flag days), and fire safety messages. These messages are routinely updated. Messages such as evacuation instructions are updated on an as-needed basis during emergency situations.