About the Corte Madera Fire Department

Advanced Life Support Service
The Town of Corte Madera has an Advanced Life Support Service. All Corte Madera Fire Medics have trained long and hard to provide the highest level of service to the community. We believe that the first, or golden, hour of treatment makes the difference in a quick and complete recovery. The department is grateful to our staff for its commitment and hard work in developing the service. We hope that you never need this service but rest assured, if you should, you'll be getting the best that the town has to offer!
Fire Engine
Town & Department Demographics
  • Town of Corte Madera: 4.0 square miles
  • Population: 10,400
  • ISO: Class 3 Town and Fire Department
  • Station 13: 5600 Paradise Drive
  • Station 14: 342 Tamalpais Drive
  • Calls for Service: In 2015 = 1,962; 2014 = 1,893; 2013 = 1,853; 2012 = 1,716
  • The Department Consists of: 9 emergency fire apparatus, 20 paid personnel, and 8 reserve firefighters.
  • Daily Staffing: Fire engine with one firefighter, one engineer paramedic, and an engine company officer. In addition, one battalion chief, and an ambulance with two paramedics who also cross-staff an engine.
  • Location: 8 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County
  • Elevation: 0 to 1,000 feet above sea level