Street Sweeping

Street sweeping is conducted by Mill Valley Refuse Service (MVRS) and by our Department of Public Works (DPW). This means your street is swept twice a month. 

Important Announcement for Fall and Winter Season

We understand that the weather forces leaves to fall and scatter all over Town, however, we do not have the capacity to sweep all Town streets on a daily basis. Therefore, we ask for your assistance in keeping our Town’s beauty in tact by helping us sweep up and pick up leaves on days where there are overwhelming amounts on the ground. This will help by preventing the leaves from being blown into areas where MVRS and our DPW team cannot access with the street sweepers. Additionally, we ask that you not leave large piles of leaves on the street. Large piles of leaves on the streets exceeds the street sweepers's cleaning capacity. Sweepers are not designed to collect large leaf piles.

And speaking of street sweepers, the most important thing we ask of you is to maintain the trees and bushes that might be encroaching onto the public right-of-way (street and sidewalk). This is extremely important because when there are trees and bushes growing and overhanging into the street, MVRS and our DPW team are unable to drive the street sweepers close enough to your property to collect all the leaves. How much your vegetation encroaches onto the street makes a difference. The photo included in this post can be used as an example of vegetation encroaching onto the street (shown in yellow). You will notice there are leaves right under that tree (shown in bright green) that the street sweepers were not able to collect because of the inability to drive close to the sidewalk. Hopefully this example is helpful for you to understand the importance of maintaining the public right-of-way clear of any obstruction. If you have any questions regarding street sweeping, street and sidewalk maintenance, please do not hesitate to call DPW at 415-927-5057. 

Street Sweeping Encroachment Example