Business License Information

The Town of Corte Madera has always valued its relationship with the business community and in 2021, the Finance Department made some changes to our business license procedures that were designed to streamline the process for remitting fees to the Town.

The Town contracted with the HdL Companies to provide assistance to the business community for all of their business license needs. The HdL Business Support Center provides the business community with support for all aspects of business licenses including application, payment, certificate issuance, and general support for your business needs.

To view and download an informational flyer with information on how to apply for a new business license or how to renew your current business license, please click here. You may also view and download a version of this flyer in Spanish by clicking here

Submitting Your Business License Renewal

Business License renewals can now be submitted via mail, email, online, or by phone to simplify your annual reporting.

Filing by Mail

For your convenience your renewal form has been included with this letter. Mail your completed business registration renewal and payments to the address below. Please make checks payable to the Town of Corte Madera.

Please remit your return form and payment to:
Town of Corte Madera
Business Support Center
8839 N Cedar Ave #212
Fresno, CA 93720

The Business Support Center will offer a variety of online support options allowing for filing and paying of business license fees online as well as obtaining copies of forms and other relevant information.

Filing Online

To file online please visit the business license support website at and select the “Start Now” button to begin.

At the main menu select “Renew” to file your renewal. Payments can be made by electronic check or by credit card.

Customer Support

For assistance with applying or renewing your business license, you may contact the HdL support center by email at or by phone at (415) 481-0988. The Business Support Center offers telephone support hours (Monday through Friday 8am-5pm PST)

Thank you for being part of the Town of Corte Madera business community.