4 - Legged Friends

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The Marin Humane Dog Training

The Marin Humane dog training classes are a great place for people and dogs to learn a common language, and for dogs to learn the house rules. Our instructors use positive reinforcement to solve behavior problems and to teach your dog to walk on a leash without pulling, sit or lie down quietly, come when called, and to wait at doors. Our Beginning classes are a great bonding experience--even very experienced guardians find them valuable. Please note that our beginning-level classes are conducted entirely on leash and do not include playtime, as our focus is on strengthening the relationship between you and your dog..

Family Dog 1 - Short Series

For dogs 4 months and older. A beginning-level class teaching the fundamentals of good manners - sit, down, stay, come, polite greetings and walking, wait at doors, and leave it. First Class Is Mandatory and For People Only, No Dogs,Please!  

Obedience Tune Up Workshop

Does life sometimes get too busy to spend time working on your dog’s obedience skills? If so, then it’s time for a refresher course: an Obedience Tune Up! This two hour workshop is not for untrained dogs or dogs with behavior problems: it is to get your dog back on track and improve the obedience training he already learned and forgot. We will work on the more challenging behaviors: coming when called, walking on leash without pulling, no jumping on people, sit and down stay, wait and leave it. Prerequisite is Family Dog 1 or equivalent.

New Pawrents Guide

Problem solving tips on how to get through the first stages of puppy hood. This two-hour seminar is geared to owners with puppies 10-16 weeks old (up to four months).  Topics covered are potty training, grooming, beginning socialization, Dog body language, shots, chewing/ biting, barking, jumping up, play, walking on leash, management, handling, equipment and manners.
Two hour seminar for people only.

Scenting For Fun Workshop

Emphasis on fun!  This introductory workshop will give your dog the opportunity to work at something he "nose" how to do naturally, as well as help build his confidence and his relationship with you.  Your dog must be comfortable in a crate, as all dogs must be crated when they aren't working. Pre-registration and payment of the $65 fee are required to reserve a spot in this workshop. Limited to 8 working teams.