Mediation Services

The Town of Corte Madera participates in the County of Marin Mediation Services Program to offer mediation services to residents of the Town of Corte Madera.  

The County offers the following:
  • Civil mediation
  • Small claims - debts, accidents, property, etc.
  • Landlord/tenant - repairs, security deposits, evictions, inspections for both residential and commercial property.
  • Business - partnership issues, real property sales, etc.
  • Neighbor - noise issues, fences, views, use of common facilities, encroachments, etc.
  • Environmental - easements, drainage, land use
  • Domestic - community property division, disputes involving family members
  • Employee/employer - wages, dismissals, etc.
  • Discrimination and harassment personal injury
  • Consumer-private party issues
  • Government
  • Traffic
  • Rental property inspections - move-in and move-out inspections for rental properties to mediate any disputes regarding the property
  • Animal mediation
  • Victim/offender mediation
To contact the Marin Justice Center and learn more about the services offered to Town residents, please call 415-499-7454 or download their brochure.