Corte Madera Ecological Reserve Expansion

The Corte Madera Ecological Reserve Expansion project will restore tidal marsh by excavating 3.598 acres of filled lands on Marin Audubon Society (MAS) and CA Department of Fish & Wildlife (CDFW) property to create a restored marsh plain. A public access path will offer views of the restored and existing habitat in a manner that will not impact the habitat and species that depend on it. The project will include a .046 acre channel to connect the restored marsh to the existing marsh to the south.  The applicant, Marin Audubon Society, is applying for a zoning map amendment, general plan amendment, and a grading and drainage permit as part of this project. Application materials and environmental documents can be accessed via the links below.

Public Hearing - January 17, 2017 Town Council Meeting

Public Hearing - November 29, 2016 Planning Commission Meeting

Environmental Documents