Parks & Recreation Master Plan - Development Process

Project Updates:

August 24th, 2023

The final draft of the Parks and Recreation Facilities plan will be present to the Parks and Recreation Commission on Monday, August 28th. The master plan document and all appendixes can be found below.

Final draft of Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan

Appendix 1 Detailed inventory of each park and recreation facility

Appendix 2 Deficiencies list for each park and recreation facility

Appendix 3 ETC Survey and Findings Report

Appendix 4 Parks and Recreation Master Plan Executive Summary

Appendix 5 Architectural studies for expansion/remodel of the Community Center

Appendix 6 Cost Analysis for the community center, 508 Tamalpais and Dance Studio

Appendix 7 Town of Corte Madera 2009 General Plan

Appendix 8 2007 Town of Corte Madera Park and Community Master Plan

Appendix 9 Current proposed concept planning for Menke Park

The Parks & Recreation Department is undergoing a Master Plan development process. The plan is designed to create a road map for enhancing parks and recreation infrastructure, facilities, and programs for the next 3-10 years and to prioritize investments. An assessment and discussion of community needs and priorities is critical for the foundation for the Master Plan. 


To ensure that we are hearing directly from our community, a survey was mailed to every Corte Madera resident in mid-May to gather information, input, and ideas on current and future potential Park & Recreation offerings.  SURVEY RESULTS.  The survey was also emailed to past participants of Corte Madera Parks and Recreation Programs, shared in the Town Newsletter, and reminders were distributed via social media. Select Community Stakeholders were invited to participate in focus group meetings, and two public meeting are hosted via Zoom. 

Community feedback is used to shape the future of Parks & Recreation programs, events, and facilities in Corte Madera. Community Engagement sessions were also an opportunity to share smaller improvement ideas and offerings that the Town may accomplish and adopt to improve satisfaction and involvement with Corte Madera Parks & Recreation.

If you have any questions, please contact the Master Plan Committee at:

Subcommittee Members: Parks and Recreation Commissioners Brown, Charley, Miles, and Phipps

June 1, 2022

The Master Plan Sub-Committee of the Parks & Recreation Commission is currently drafting an Executive Summary on the project to present to the Parks and Recreation Commission for review.  The document will summarize community feedback gathered through surveys, workshops, public meetings, and ongoing projects and interests of the Town and Parks & Recreation Department. The summary will include recommendations on how to address current and long-term recreation needs (programming and facilities) for Corte Madera residents as outlined in the Town’s General Plan, Chapter 6: Parks and Recreation


Potential facility improvement projects discussed during community engagement sessions such as field improvements, community pool, park restrooms, classroom/meeting space, event space, and park amenities will be included. 


This summer the Sub-Committee will first present the Draft Executive Summary to the Parks and Recreation Commission for review and potentially recommend all or elements of the Summary to the Town Council for review and approval.


Following Council review and at their direction, individual projects may be researched more thoroughly and shared with the community for feedback.


Community Input on Potential Projects:

  • For Example, a potential field improvement project would include multiple options from using natural to artificial material, research on pros and cons of options, drought considerations, environmental impacts, impact to immediate neighborhoods and schools, estimated budget, etc. 


Important note: No decisions or approvals have been made on the Parks and Recreation Master Plan.  The Executive Summary will be a synopsis of community feedback on programming and facility needs to address current and long-term recreation needs (programming and facilities) for Corte Madera residents.


Community Engagement

Focus Group Workshops- November and December 2021
Public Meetings- January 2022

  • Friday, January 7 (5:30pm-7:30pm). View Recording. Note: Recording does not include breakout room discussions.
  • Saturday, January 8 (10:00am-Noon). View Recording
  • Review results of the Poll/Survey Questions used in the public meeting discussions (linked responses collected after the meetings, between February 9, 2022-March 31, 2022 via Survey Monkey (below).

Poll/Survey Results

Community Engagement- Update and Summary

  • Subcommittee Update at January 24, 2022 Parks and Recreation Commission Meeting. View Recording
  • Mayor's Forum- February 22, 2022 from 5:30-6:30pm. View Recording

The intention of Community Engagement Meetings was to gather additional feedback and insights needed to prioritize projects and potential investments for the next 3-10 years, these meetings were an extension of the survey effort an in addition to focus group meetings.  It is important to communicate that no decisions were made/committed to as a result of these meetings, feedback is being used to conclude the Master Plan Project and outline priorities.  Specific projects will continue to be vetted and the community will have an opportunity to provide feedback.

Survey Presentations

Oct. 25, 2021- Presentation to the Parks & Recreation Commission

Nov. 2, 2021- Presentation to the Town Council

Process Timeline 5.19.21