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paint brush

Art with Harry

Students will explore fine art basics in several media, including watercolor, pencil, pen, markers, polymer clay (Sculpey), and Model Magic. We will learn to draw and paint landscapes, portraits, Manga comic art, cartoons, and to bring imagined subjects to life. All levels of skill and experience welcome.
Instructor: Harry Simpson.

Winter Wonderland with Kiki

Children will make many ceramic projects which include but are not limited to a pocket bear,money bank, dog and milk carton recycled dog house, puppet, lantern and book Children with complete the ceramic process and glaze their work. The last day is finger food potluck celebration send a snack to share . All work goes home the last day. Please bring an empty 1/2 gallon/ 64 oz carton the first day. $40 Lab fee paid the first day to instructor Kl Kl.

Spring Forward with Clay and Kiki

In this spring themed class children with connect with nature. We will make a bird and nest & eggs, bird house, nature textured- picture frame, bee hive and sculpey bees, & more. We will use the on site kiln and complete the ceramic cycle. We will glaze and paint. The last day is a finger food pot luck celebration. Send a snack to share. All work goes home the last day send a bag. 
$35 Lab fee paid to Kl Kl the first day.