Measure F

At the February 20, 2018 Town Council meeting, the Town Council voted to introduce an Ordinance to be placed on the June 5, 2018 ballot, to extend the current sales tax measure until it is repealed by voters, increase the sale tax level from ½ cent to ¾ cent, and repeal the existing storm drainage special tax of $98 per residential unit and 1,000 commercial square feet. The Ordinance, as introduced, was approved by the Town Council at its March 6, 2018 meeting and was submitted to the Marin County Registrar of voters for placement on the June 5, 2018 ballot. Please read below for more information about Measure F.

Background Information:

  • Ballot Question - Measure F: "Shall Corte Madera (1) eliminate the special drainage property tax ($98 per residential unit or per 1,000 commercial square feet) AND (2) extend the existing 1/2¢ sales tax at a 3/4¢ rate until ended by voters, providing $3,500,000 annually for unrestricted general revenue purposes (for example, flood/sea level rise/disaster preparedness, fire prevention, street repair, improved traffic flow, safety improvements, 911 response, and senior/youth programs) subject to annual audits and a citizens’ oversight committee?"
  • Town Attorney's Impartial Analysis of Measure F 
  • Resolution 08/2018: (A) Calling And Giving Notice Of The Holding Of A Special Election On June 5, 2018 To Consider Adoption Of A Measure To (1) Repeal The Special Drainage Property Tax ($98 Per Residential Unit Or Per 1,000 Commercial Square Feet); (2) Extend The Existing General 1/2¢ Sales Tax (Transaction And Use Tax) At A 3/4¢ Rate Until Ended By Voters;  And (3) Require An Annual Audit Of, And A Citizens Advisory Committee To Oversee, The Transaction And Use Tax Expenditures; (B) Requesting Consolidation Of The Special Election With The June 5, 2018 Statewide Primary Election; (C) Directing The Town Attorney To Prepare An Impartial Analysis Of The Measure Pursuant To Elections Code Section 9280; And (D) Authorizing Two Councilmembers To Draft, Sign And Submit A Ballot Argument In Favor Of The Measure And Any Rebuttal Argument, And To Select Community Members To Sign Those Arguments.
  • Proposed Ordinance No. 975 - Also included as Exhibit A to Resolution 08/2018: Ordinance Of The Town Of Corte Madera (1) Repealing Sections 3.14.010 Through 3.14.080 Of The Corte Madera Municipal Code (Storm Safety And Property Protection Act – Measure C Adopted By Town Voters At The 1997 Election) To End The Existing Special Property Tax Currently Imposed For Storm Drainage And Flood Control Infrastructure.; (2) Extending The Current 1/2¢ General Transactions And Use Tax At A 3/4¢ Rate Until Ended By Voters, To Be Administered By The California Department Of Tax And Fee Administration; And (3) Requiring An Annual Audit Of, And A Citizens Advisory Committee To Oversee, The Transaction And Use Tax Expenditures.
  • Informational Mailer on Measure F - Please click here to open the PDF version of this informational mailer. 

Community Forums:

Community Forums on Measure F were held at the Corte Madera Community Center on Saturday, March 31st and Wednesday, April 4th.  The April 4th meeting was video recorded and can be watched by clicking here or by clicking the embedded version below. 

The following documents were available to attendees:  (1) PowerPoint Presentation,  (2) Measure F Ballot Language, Impartial Analysis, Argument in Favor and Full Text of Measure F, (3) Staff Report from February 20, 2018 Town Council Meeting 

Town Council Meetings:

Staff Report - March 20, 2018 Council Meeting / Minutes / Video 

Staff Report - March 6, 2018 Council Meeting / Minutes / Video

Staff Report - February 20, 2018 Council Meeting / Minutes / Video

Staff Report - January 16, 2018 Council Meeting / Minutes / Video

Public Notices Regarding Ballot Measure:

3/22/18:  Notice of Community Forums on Measure F (PDF)

3/16/18:  Notice of Qualified Candidates and Ballot Measure (PDF)

3/07/18:  Notice of Election and Submittal of Ballot Measure to Voters (PDF)

Notice includes instructions and filing deadlines for submittal of arguments for or against the measure as well as submittal of rebuttals to any primary arguments.

  • Summary of deadlines: 
  • Arguments for/against the proposed measure (300 words) are due by 5:00pm on Monday, March 19, 2018 

Information regarding the Town of Corte Madera's current sales tax override