Noise Ordinance

Over the years, the Town Council and staff have received occasional comments regarding the Town's noise ordinance. The comments range from the public calling for a ban or restriction of leaf blower use, barking dog complaints, and concerns regarding the overall subjectivity and enforcement of the ordinance.

At the direction of Council, the Town Manager asked the Town Attorney to research and recommend changes to the Town's existing noise ordinance, which is set forth in the Corte Madera Municipal Code at Sections 9.36.010 - 9.36.080. Based on concerns raised by staff regarding the effectiveness and enforceability of Corte Madera's current noise ordinance, and a review of best practices from other jurisdictions, the Town Attorney identified five ways in which the Town Council might consider improving the Town's existing noise ordinance.

At the December 19, 2017 Town Council Regular Meeting, the Town Council, staff and members of the community discussed the areas  recommended by the Town Attorney to improve the existing noise ordinance and provide direction to staff as appropriate. The recommendations are listed below. Additionally, you can view the entire staff report published for the December 19, 2017 Town Council meeting by clicking here

(1) Establish objective enforcement standards
(2) Improve ease of enforceability
(3) Expand the sources ofnoise that are subject to local noise regulations
(4) Modify the current leaf blower restrictions
(5) Modify the penalty provisions to provide greater consistency and clarity

From the discussion of the recommendations and the subject matter, staff was directed to conduct a survey for the community to take and to also make an analysis on the results of the survey. Several members of the community took time to take our survey and we thought it would be a good idea to share the results with you. 

To view the overall results of the survey, please click here
To view the anonymous individual responses, please click here

Please note that we will continue to add to this page once we have more information to provide. Stay tuned.