Bridge Classes and Free Play

Bridge Classes
Bridge Lessons with Jim Cohen in 2023. Beginner classes are Thursdays at 1 pm and Intermediate classes at 2:30. Register for Beginner or Intermediate at $100 for 6 classes one week before the class begins to secure your spot. Call 415-301-4792 with questions. More information can be found on our website.

*updated 4.12.23

Bridge from A to B                                         $100/6 classes

Thursdays      7/6-8/10        1:00-2:00                                                 

COURSE #6501

No one can become an accomplished bridge player in just 6 weeks, but by the end of the class you will be able to sit at a bridge table and comfortably participate in the play. Jim Cohen is a silver life master, certified as a bridge teacher by the American Contract Bridge League.

Bridge from C to D                                        $100/6 classes

Thursdays      7/6-8/10      2:30-3:30                                                       

COURSE #6502

A class for those who know the rudiments of the game but are either rusty or looking to improve. We will begin the study of basic conventions (coded bids): Stayman, Transfers, Blackwood, etc. How do we handle contested auctions where the other side is bidding? When do we preempt or not? We will also look at additional topics in defense and declarer play.

Bridge from E to F                                        $100/6 classes

A class for those who have played in sanctioned games  for at least six months (or equivalent) and who are  familiar with the basic conventions. We will focus on 2 over 1, and look at somewhat more advanced topics in play and defense, explore team of 4 play and its need for safety plays and active or passive defense. Topics suggested by the class will be considered.


Thursdays at 2 pm       FREE

Come to the Corte Madera Community Center on Thursday mornings to play bridge. Bring a friend or meet a new one and challenge yourself to a game of bridge. Most players are intermediate, so take a beginner class before attending - ask us for recommendations!

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