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Chess for Kids

Grades K - 6th
Kids! Join our chess class and experience the fun and excitement of the world’s best strategy game. Beginners learn basic concepts and how to move and best use each piece while playing games with your friends! Intermediate and Advanced players, learn opening, middle and end game techniques appropriate to your level while solving puzzles and participating in in-class games and tournaments. 

Parents! Learning chess facilitates children’s cognitive development by providing them with opportunities to practice thinking, analyzing, problem solving, decision-making, visualizing future possibilities and applying lessons of past experiences to present circumstances.

About the Instructors: Lanette and Jeff Gordon of Marin Scholastic Chess have taught chess in Marin for nineteen years and have created more than 350 lessons. They organize the Marin County Scholastic Chess Championship for any child K-8 who resides or goes to school in Marin. They also host an end of the school year tournament for all their students. They coach school chess teams that have won several state championships. If you have questions write to