Village Highway Facing Signs

The Village at Corte Madera (1618 Redwood Hwy) is requesting approval for color upgrades to all building exteriors of the Village facing Highway 101 – including building facades, low walls, sign bands, trim, and rafters and louvers at roof level. Color improvements to the existing monument sign are proposed as well. The application also includes a request to revise the Village at Corte Madera Tenant Design Criteria and Precise Plan No. 12-001 to allow tenants to include individual logos, fonts and colors to their signs which face highway 101. The maximum font size used, the locations, and the overall number of these signs will not be changed from the current criteria.  All signs will have the same relationship to the building – mounted on the sign band and limited in size – and are a secondary feature to the form of the building, but the design of each Tenant’s lettering will be unique.  The illumination of the signs will not significantly change.  In contrast, the current sign criteria only allows one specific sign color, font and size and does not allow logos. The request includes Design Review, Precise Plan Amendment and Sign Permit applications.

January 22, 2019 Planning Commission Meeting

  • Archived Video of the January 22, 2019 Planning Commission Meeting
  • Staff Report for Continued Public Hearing - dated January 18, 2019 (available 5pm)

January 8, 2019 Planning Commission Meeting