Residential Parking Permit Program


In March of 2019, Town staff began receiving complaints from residents in the northern portion of the Madera Gardens Neighborhood regarding parking and traffic impacts to their neighborhood due to an increased number of Redwood High School (RHS) students who chose to park in the neighborhood and walk to school as a result of parking policies and limited availability at RHS.  Residents in the area were challenged by a reduction of on-street parking availability, line of sight issues for pedestrians and cyclists, speeding vehicles and increased litter throughout the area. 

Town staff initiated efforts to address these complaints by holdings several meetings and community workshops to discuss the concerns. After receiving feedback and recommendations from affected residents in the Madera Gardens neighborhood, Corte Madera-Larkspur administrative staff, RHS administrative staff, the City of Larkspur and Central Marin Police Authority (CMPA), Town staff introduced and later adopted Ordinance No. 988 which established a Residential Parking Permit Program to restrict non-residents from parking on residential streets and Resolution No. 32/2019 which established a one-year pilot program in the northern portion of the Madera Gardens Neighborhood. Per Resolution No. 32/2019, if the pilot program was determined to be successful and attained the desired goals of maintaining and regulating on-street parking spaces while also deterring behaviors and activities that are a threat to the health and safety of the public, then staff would bring to Council a new resolution to declare the Residential Parking Permit Program permanent in the Madera Gardens neighborhood. 

The Parking Permit Program Made Permanent

The collection of opinions from residents living in the northern Madera Gardens neighborhood through a program survey, the decreased number of complaints from residents in the Madera Gardens neighborhood and the interpretation of the overall goal of the pilot program, led to the Town Council making the pilot program permanent by adopting Resolution No. 45/2021

For the duration of this Residential Parking Permit Program, the following applies:

  • On-street parking will be restricted to vehicles with residential parking permits from 7am to 3pm (RHS hours of instruction)
  • All vehicles registered to properties on the affected streets will be eligible for permits that allow them to be parked on the street
  • Limited-term guest parking permits will be available from Town Hall 
  • Landscape maintenance companies, licensed contractors, and other businesses that visit residences may park on the restricted streets provided they display a valid business license from the Town of Corte Madera in their vehicle.
The Town and Central Marin Police Authority (CMPA) will be using Code Enforcement Officers and CMPA staff to periodically patrol the residential parking permit area.  Residents will also be able to call the Town's Code Enforcement Department or CMPA when there is a problem.

Street signs indicating on-street residential parking permit requirements during RHS hours of instruction are erected and  consistent with the permit area boundaries: Apache Road, Navajo Lane, Cheyenne Way, Arrowhead Lane, and portions of Birch Avenue and Lakeside Drive.   

Please note that a parking permit application and an FAQ sheet can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.
If you have any questions about the Residential Parking Permit Program or the application process, please call the Administration Department at (415)927-5050.