Objective Design and Development Standards


About Objective Design and Development Standards (ODDS)

The Town of Corte Madera is preparing Objective Design and Development Standards (ODDS).This effort will result in a toolkit of standards that, when adopted, do not require interpretation and provide a clear review and approval process for multi-family and mixed-use development projects. This allows the Town of Corte Madera to specify the design aesthetics of development that address topics such as architectural style while accommodating current and future legislation requirements. 

The Objective Design & Development Standards team is taking precautions to ensure the health and safety of residents in light of Covid-19. All in person meetings have been postponed. Join us to learn about the Objective Design & Development Standards effort on-line through an informational video (below). If you have any questions or need assistance accessing the video, please use the project contacts listed at the bottom of this page.

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Contact Adam Wolff, Director of Planning and Building at awolff@tcmmail.org or Martha Battaglia, Senior Planner at mbattaglia@tcmmail.org with questions on the Objective Design and Development Standards project.

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