Submittal Requirements

How to Submit Building Permit Applications

All permit applications may be submitted electronically.   For the fastest service, please read all of the instructions below, and contact staff with questions. Please download our electronic checklist to assist you.

Submittal Documents Required

  1. Building permit applicationcompleted in its entirety, signed by the licensed contractor, legal property owner, or their authorized agent, accompanied with the following when applicable:
    1. If the applicant is not the license holder: the Agent Authorization form shall be completed and signed by the license holder, which allows the applicant to act on the licensed contractor’s behalf.
    2. Owner-Builders: If the applicant is the property owner, an Owner-Builder Acknowledgement form shall also be supplied. Not all permit types are eligible to be issued as "Owner-Builder". Please check with staff.
    3. Applications at Town Center or the Village: Mall and Landlord approval is required at time of application. Authorization to apply from mall management is required (use the Owner’s Agent Authorization form). Additionally, Mall and Landlord approval is required on the plans or by letter specifically referencing the plans at the time of application. For all other commercial tenant improvements: Landlord approval is required.
  2. Public Works Supplemental Worksheet
  3. Once plan check deposit or permit fees have been calculated, applicants will be provided a link to pay fees online. Please contact staff if you would like to discuss plan check deposit or permit fees.
  4. Many applications require architectural plans or other drawings and construction documents to be submitted. Once your submittal documents have been reviewed and accepted by staff, instructions for plan upload will be provided. 
  5. Optional: Please download our electronic checklist to assist you. 

How to Sign Your Documents

  • Read more about how to sign your forms, documents, and plans.

How to Submit Your Application, Documents, and Plans

  • The above submittal documents shall be completed, signed, and submitted as an attachment to an email to (subject line should always be project address).  You will receive a response from staff with further instructions or requirements, or confirmation of receipt. 
  • After review and acceptance of submittal documents, you will receive separate instructions on how to upload plans and construction documents (if applicable).

About the Application Review and Issuance Process