How to use this Portal
Use this file upload portal to upload documents, plans and other files to the Planning and Building Department. You should not upload your files until staff has provided you with approval and instructions to upload your files.

Naming Conventions
Use the following naming convention for each file uploaded:
Building Permit submittals: Job Site Address_Short Description of File_Upload Date.PDF.   For example: 123PalmAve_Plans_031820.PDF and 123PalmAve_Calcs_031820.PDF. 
Planning submittals: Job Site Address_Planning_Upload Date.PDF.   For example: 123PalmAve_Planning_031820.PDF

All plans, calcs, etc shall be digitally signed and stamped.

Questions (for fastest service, use generic or direct-to-staff email)
Building questions should be directed to Building Department Staff or to or 415-927-5062.
Planning questions should be directed to Planning Department Staff or to or 415-927-5064.