Town Council Meetings

Town Council Meetings via Videoconference - Remote Access Guidelines

In light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and the current Shelter In Place order, Town Council meetings, and potentially other Town Board and Commission meetings, will take place via videoconference only.  All Town Council members  will be participating remotely and residents are urged to follow the Marin County Public Health Officer’s shelter in place order and participate in the meeting remotely as well. As allowed under Executive Order N-29-20 (March 17, 2020), the Town of Corte Madera will no longer offer an in-person meeting location for the public to attend.

HOW TO ATTEND MEETINGS:  Meetings are videoconferenced using Zoom Webinar. Read the guidelines for viewing and participating in videoconferenced Town Meetings through Zoom Webinar here. Download Zoom Webinar here (You may need to restart your device after downloading)

Upcoming Meetings: Tuesday, October 19, 2021; Tuesday November 2, 2021; Tuesday November 16, 2021.  You can register here to automatically receive agendas for upcoming meetings.

For all regular Town Council meetings:  Join the meeting by clicking on this link: / Zoom Webinar ID: 914-5144-0692. (This link will remain the same for all videoconferenced regular Town Council meetings). No pre-registration is needed, just click on the link at the meeting start time. Attendees will be able to select the "raise hand" option, and can be called on and unmuted in order to provide public comment during the meeting.

Call-in option:  You may call in using: 1 (408) 638-0968  (Zoom webinar ID: 914-5144-0692), Or iPhone one-tap:  +14086380968,,91451440692#  (You can look up additional U.S.or international dial in options here.)  If you call in to the meeting, you will need to dial *9  in order to add yourself to the speaker queue during the meeting.  Dial *67 before calling into the meeting if you do not wish your phone number to be shown on the screen when giving public comment.

Staff will be monitoring the proceedings and facilitating requests from virtual attendees who wish to provide verbal public comment. All attendees are encouraged to submit any written public comments for the Council before or during the meeting to:


We strongly recommend submitting your public comment early by:

  • Sending comments prior to the meeting to:  All public comment received prior to 5:00 P.M. the day of the meeting will be distributed to the entire Town Council and made available to the public in the online agenda packet.
  • Sending comments during the meeting to: The Town will accept public comment via email during the meeting, from 6:30pm until the adjournment of the meeting. All public comment received via email will be archived as late correspondence and available to the Council and public via links on the agenda, forwarded to the Council or Commission, posted to the Town website, and placed in the Town’s permanent records. Please make sure to indicate the item number to which your comment is related, or whether it is for the General Public Comment period at the beginning of the meeting.
  • When participating in a meeting through Zoom webinar, you may select the "Raise Hand" Icon in the Zoom platform, or dial *9 if you have called into the meeting, in order to add yourself to the speaker queue during the meeting. Your raised hand will alert the presiding officer and the Town Clerk that you would like to make a public comment on that item. When the Mayor calls for public comment, either the presiding officer or the Town Clerk will unmute your line and call your name at which point you may make your comments. If you are joining the meeting via Zoom on either a computer, tablet, or smartphone, the Raise Hand icon will be at either the bottom or top of your screen, depending on the device. Click here for more information on how to raise your hand during the webinar.

For all public comment submitted, please be sure to indicate the item number to which your comment is related, or whether it is for the general public comment period at the beginning of the meeting, Open Time for Public Comment.