2019 Road Rehabilitation Project

The Town of Corte Madera has recently completed the 2019 Road Rehabilitation Project which repaved Manzanita Avenue, Oakdale Avenue, Sausalito Street, Buena Vista Avenue, Eastman Avenue, and Montecito Drive. Work also included installing ADA curb ramps, drainage improvements and repairs, new signage, and new striping. This project closely followed the 2019 Sewer Rehabilitation Project which replaced all the sewer mains on the same roadways.

This project is part of the Town’s ongoing efforts to rehabilitate the Sanitary District’s aging sewer infrastructure while also maintaining Town roadways.

Status: Completed

Project Type(s): Roadway, Pedestrian, Traffic

Construction Schedule: Work was completed as of November 2019. For more information, contact Chris Good cgood@tcmmail.org for follow-up questions.

Road Rehab Project 2

Road Rehab Project 1

Road Rehab Project