Fifer Pump Station Modifications Project

The project was a general rehabilitation project of the existing pump station that included: 

  • Upgrading of submersible pumps to meet wet weather demands 
  • Upgrading and modernizing pump controls and Central Marin Sanitation Agency (CMSA) monitoring capability
  • Adding pump station flow monitoring capability to improve ability for District to track capacity 
  • Replacing a Diesel Generator with a modern unit which meets current air quality standards 
  • Refurbishing wet well protective coating to enhance long term durability of the concrete.

Status: Completed  

Project Type(s): Sanitary District 

Construction Schedule: Work was completed as of May 2020. If you still have questions regarding this work, please contact Fernanda Stefanick at (415) 927-5792 or Mark Wilson of Nute Engineering at (415) 453-4480 ext 208. Or email Fernanda at or Mark at

Project 17-203 Before

Before Rehabilitation

Project 17-203 After

After Rehabilitation