Meadowsweet Drive Trunk Line Rehabilitation and Inflow & Infiltration Reduction Project

The project rehabilitated 2,850 liner feet of sewer trunk line from Highway 101 to Tamalpais Drive. 

  • Nute Engineering completed a topographic survey of the project area. 
  • They worked on a study for alternative pipe layout designs. 
  • Plans were developed for this project based on the topographic survey and utility information. 
  • Substantial cleaning and pipe investigation was performed to ensure the existing pipe would work its best in the winter. 
  • Pothole investigations were completed. 
  • Soil borings were conducted. 

Status: Completed.

Project Type(s): Sanitary District 

Construction Schedule: Work was completed as of May 2020. If you still have questions regarding this work, please contact Fernanda Stefanick at (415) 927-5792 or Mark Wilson of Nute Engineering at (415) 453-4480 ext 208. Or email Fernanda at or Mark at

Project 19-201