School Day Camp FAQ

Camp 2020 for the 2020-21 School Year 

Q & A

  • Are all kids required face masks?

Based on the local school guidelines we will be requiring 2nd graders and older to wear masks at all times in order to ensure the safety of both our staff and fellow campers. We highly encourage the younger kiddos to wear at all times.  

  • Do you have any options for the day to end earlier? 

We will be offering a pro-rated rate to accommodate families that are in need of hour flexibility. Please check our “General Information” tab.

  • Who will be assisting the younger kids with their distance learning? With different classes/teachers and schedules, I'd like to know how it will be managed. 

Recreation staff will be collecting school schedules and doing their best to support individuals during distant learning.  Campers should bring supplies and Chromebooks needed to complete assignments.

  • Any chance of having an afternoon session that starts earlier so that the kids can arrive after distance learning/lunch? Depending on how the first couple weeks of distance learning at home go, this may be our preference if available. 

Yes, now that we know school hours will end prior to 3pm, we will adjust our schedule.  Again, more information to announce next week after our team has a chance to meet early next week.

  • Will the current registered kids be giving priority to future sessions should spots continue to be limited?

We will be offering spots on a first come, first serve basis. However, we will be notifying current families of new sessions immediately.

  • Our family is in need of financial assistance, do you offer scholarships?

Please contact our program director for financial assistance via email with the subject: “Financial Assistance Request”. Please be sure to include your residency and how many kids are in need of assistance.

  • How will you know my child’s schedule, passwords, etc? 

We will be sending out a form for parents to fill out the week prior to our program starting. Our staff will use this form to help kids log into their meetings and websites.  

  • Can we request friends to be in the same cohort?

We are not taking requests for group placements, but because our cohorts are separated by age groups there is a high chance friends will be placed together. 

  • What will happen if schools reopen?

If schools are to reopen we will continue to offer our program to families who are not comfortable returning to school immediately and will continue offering after school activities.

  • Will siblings be placed in the same cohort?

If siblings are within the same age group they will be placed together, however if they meet two different age groups they will be placed in separate cohorts.

  • How will the kids be grouped?

We will be grouping kids based on different age groups of those attending and our staff availability. Based on our summer program we were able to group kids into two groups: 5-8yrs and 9-12yrs.