Submit a CCTV File to Sanitary District No. 2

Electronic Submissions of Sewer Lateral Inspections

Sanitary District No. 2 is now accepting and reviewing sewer lateral inspections using a cloud-based platform called Forward Lateral. The Forward Lateral software allows SD2 staff to review inspections promptly. Use of this platform will be optional in this trial phase with the municipality. To learn more about Forward Lateral, please visit their website: You can also check out the video below. This video will show you how to submit a sewer lateral inspection. 

Contractors choosing to use this service are required to register a new account or log into an existing account. To do that, please go to the Forward Lateral Account Page. Please note that in the application process, under the section for "owner" information, you should include an email address for the homeowner and/or realtor you are working for. This way, they can also receive notifications about their property and the review process as SD2 staff works through the inspection. 

How to Submit a Sewer Lateral Inspection | Forward Lateral from Forward Lateral on Vimeo.