645 Tamalpais Apartments

The applicants propose a three unit apartment building at 645 Tamalpais Drive. The property is zoned C-1 (Local Shopping). Residential uses are a conditional use in the C-1 Zoning District. 

The property is currently developed with a one-story commercial office building and two parking areas. The first parking area is a one way drive through aisle along the northern Tamalpais frontage, the second is a dead end rectangular lot that is accessed from Meadowsweet Drive. The applicant proposes to construct a three unit apartment building over the rectangular parking lot. The number of existing parking spaces will remain the same. 

The proposed building is set back approximately 42 feet from Tamalpais Drive. The proposed apartment building is 2,560 square feet, inclusive of an elevator and trash room. The building transitions from a one-story structure on the east and west sides built over the existing ground level parking area to a two-story structure in the middle of the building. The structure has a maximum height of 30 feet. The main level exterior entries are set back from the northern edge of the podium to allow for landscaping. The applicant proposes a curved roof to complement the adjacent commercial buildings. The building materials include metal standing seam roof panels, smooth stucco, and limited areas of wood finish. 

Project contact: Martha Battaglia, Senior Planner mbattaglia@tcmmail.org

October 13, 2020 Planning Commission Study Session