Proration Policy and Financial Assistance

What will make my family eligible for pro-rating?

Families who plan to use the program for 15 hours or less (per child) are eligible to receive the pro-rated daily rate of $45.

What if my family needs more than 15 hours of care per week?

If your family plans to attend more than 15 hours a week, please register for the session rate of $750.

Sibling discounts?

If your family has multiple participants in the program, we offer $100 discount per additional sibling off the $750. Ex: Child 1= $750, child 2= $650, and child 3= $550 per session.

What are the options for families experiencing financial hardships? Financial Assistance & Payment Plans.

Financial assistance/scholarship is available through donations by community partners. Please contact Xanat for more information.

Families may request a payment plan by contacting Xanat.

We recognize changes to the registration process and rates are a big change. Our goal is to make this transition as smooth as possible by providing families the assistance they need. Please contact our team with any questions or concerns as we do our best to accommodate every family. Thank you again for your patience and support.