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Posted on: June 2, 2021

Enforcement Notice: Parked Cars Encroaching on Sidewalks & Blocking Sidewalks/Right of Ways

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The Town has received several reports of local residents parking their cars with their wheels up on the curb and encroaching onto sidewalks.  In some instances, we’ve observed vehicles that have partially backed out of their driveway, and completely blocking the pedestrian right of way/sidewalk.  This creates a dangerous situation where pedestrians are forced off of the sidewalk and into the street.  Parking a vehicle in a way that inhibits full use of the sidewalk is not only illegal, but it causes sidewalks to be less safe and accessible, especially for children, those using wheelchairs, pedestrians with strollers and those who are visually impaired.  

California Vehicle Code Section 22500 (f) addresses this violation and makes it illegal to park on the sidewalk or block it in any way.    

22500 CVC.
"A person shall not stop, park, or leave standing any vehicle whether attended or unattended, except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or in compliance with the directions of a peace officer or official traffic control device, in any of the following places:

 (f) On a portion of a sidewalk, or with the body of the vehicle extending over a portion of a sidewalk, except electric carts when authorized by local ordinance, as specified in Section 21114.5. Lights, mirrors, or devices that are required to be mounted upon a vehicle under this code may extend from the body of the vehicle over the sidewalk to a distance of not more than 10 inches.”

Furthermore, a vehicle parked in violation of the California Vehicle Code and/or Town’s Municipal Code can be cited and/or towed, even if the sidewalk is partially clear, or if a vehicle is parked in a driveway, extending out into the sidewalk. Blocking the pedestrian right of way in this manner violates the rights of those with disabilities to use the sidewalks free of hazards, as established in the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The Town asks for your cooperation in adhering to this pedestrian safety concern.  The Town has asked the Central Marin Police Authority (CMPA) to enforce both the California Vehicle Code and Corte Madera Municipal Code sections that refer to parked cars impeding full use of the sidewalk, or otherwise blocking public rights of way or designated “no stopping” zones.

Corte Madera Municipal Code 10.40.020- “Stopping or standing in parkways.
No person shall stop, stand or park a vehicle within any parkway.
(Ord. 461 § 10.1, 1966)

Corte Madera Municipal Code 10.40.030- “No stopping zones and no parking areas maintenance.”

The traffic engineer is authorized to maintain, by appropriate signs or by paint upon the curb surface, all no stopping zones, no parking areas, and restricted parking areas, as defined and described in this title or any ordinance or resolution of the town.

When said curb markings or signs are in place no operator of any vehicle shall stop, stand or park such vehicle adjacent to any such legible curb marking or sign in violation of any of the provisions of this title.
(Ord. 461 § 10.2, 1966)

Please remember that the intent of these laws is to ensure the right of safe passage for you and your neighbors – please respect them and make a contribution to a safer Corte Madera.

Two examples of improper/illegal parking are provided below: 

Parking Violation Newsflash PhotoLinas Honda

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