Where is our Interim Town Hall located?

Town Hall Services have moved to our interim location at 240 Tamal Vista Blvd, Suite 110 & Suite 108, Corte Madera.  

(Business office complex located at the southwest corner of Fifer Ave and Tamal Vista Blvd)  

Business Suite 110, located on the first level at Hunt Plaza will become the Town’s interim home for the next two years, while the Town Hall construction project gets underway.  Suite 110 will serve as the new home to the majority of Town Hall services & departments including the Administrative Department, Finance Department, Building and Planning Departments, our Public Works Counter, and our Code Enforcement Department.  The Town’s Engineering Team will remain on site at 300 Tamalpais Drive in their temporary building and oversee the Town Hall construction project.

Business Suite 108, located directly across the hallway from suite 110 on the lower level, will serve as the interim Town Council Chambers.  Suite 108, has been renovated with council dais furniture, seating and audio/videography equipment and will serve as the Town Council Chambers where both Town Council, Commissions, Boards and other public meetings will be heard in the near future.  Remote streaming and participation in Town meetings will continue to be available both during and after our transition back to in-person meetings.  (It has been our intention to resume in-person public meetings, with inclusion of a remote participation option, beginning on February 1, 2022, however, staff is monitoring the current increase in Covid-19 transmissions and County recommendations and will make a determination in the near future if a return to in-person public meetings should be delayed.)

We look forward to serving our Corte Madera community at our new Town Hall location.  Once we are settled into our interim location, the Town intends to host an open house, inviting our community to enjoy and become acquainted with our interim facilities.

Map of Town Hall Relocation

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