What is the private sewer lateral ordinance?

The purpose of this ordinance is to provide for the operation and maintenance of Sanitary District No. 2’s (SD2) wastewater conveyance and treatment facilities in a more safe, reliable and serviceable manner.

In 2017, the California Regional Water Quality Control Board ordered SD2 to fix damaged and deficient sanitary sewer pipes. Many pipes are in need of repair to prevent the infiltration of rainwater and groundwater, which can overwhelm the wastewater collection system and treatment plant, leading to sanitary sewer overflows in the community or discharges of partially treated wastewater into the San Francisco Bay. Improperly maintained private sewer laterals also lead to raw sewage spilling into residential areas.  

The SD2 Board adopted the Private Sewer Lateral (PSL) Ordinance No.45 at its June 4, 2018 meeting thus requiring inspection of private sewer laterals when any one of the four (4) specific triggers are met (see below). 

To get more information on the Private Sewer Lateral Ordinance, please visit our PSL webpage by clicking on the following link: https://www.townofcortemadera.org/745/Private-Sewer-Lateral-Ordinance

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