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Skate Park

Skate Park Rules

  • All users of this facility are required to wear safety gear including Helmets, Knee and Elbow Pads (Any person failing to wear said safety gear is subject to citation pursuant to Corte Madera Municipal Code (CMMC) Section 9.28)
  • Skateboard and in-line skates only
  • No bicycles, tricycles, scooter or motorized vehicles allowed at any time
  • Keep area clean. Please use trash cans
  • No glass or bottles allowed in the Skate Park area
  • All forms of graffiti, tagging, stickers or other means of defacing park property are prohibited
  • Do not use facility if a hazardous condition exists. Report any damage, vandalism or hazardous condition to the Twin Cities Police Department, 415-927-5150
  • Violations may result in citations, temporary closure of the facility and/ or prosecution of the responsible person(s)

Warning: Skating is a Dangerous Sporting Activity

Skateboarding and inline skating are hazardous recreational activities. Use of this facility may result in death, paralysis, brain damage and concussions, broken bones or other serious injury. Any and all uses of this facility is at your own risk. This facility in not supervised.

The Town of Corte Madera does not assume any responsibility for injuries. (California Government Code Section 831.7) 
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